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Membership is free and open to all who meet the following requirements:


•   That are members of a national kennel club/union/federation or national cat registry/club/federation

•   That keep one or more unspayed female of breeding age (1 - 7 years)

•   That own 3 or more dogs/cats

Exhibitors and Competitors

•   That are members of a national kennel/cattery club/union/federation

•   That are actively involved or participate in dog/cat events such as:

        - Shows and working disciplines to create distinction e.g. agility, obedience, trials, flyball etc

•   That own 3 or more dogs/cats

Boarding, Kennels, Catteries

•   That board pets according to the regulations stipulated by their regulation body

•   That actively feed Hill's products in their facilities and recommend and endorse Hill's products to all pet parents


•   Dogs (and cats) that actively work as patrol / search and rescue / tracking / sniffer /assistance / guide / medic alert dogs

•   Or organisations that feed feral communities, rescue, foster or function as a shelter for abandoned pets

•   The above individuals or organisations actively feed Hill’s products in their facilities and recommend and endorse Hill’s products to all pet parents.

Conditions for belonging to the Hill's Breeder Association:

•   Feed Hill's products to my pets, specifically

        - Boarding pets/working dogs/assistance, guide & medic alert dogs /feral communities/rescue, foster & shelter pets

        - Pregnant & lactating queens & bitches

        - Puppies & kittens

        - Competing dogs & cats

•   Recommend Hill's to pet parents and others as appropriate

•   Provide new pet parents with Hill's Welcome packs or Shelter kits as appropriate

•   Commit to not reselling any Hill's products either purchased through the HBA, LEA or won at shows

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