Membership is free and open to:

  • That are members of a national kennel club/union/federation or national cat registry/club/federation
  • That keep one or more unspayed female of breeding age (1 - 7 years)
  • That own 3 or more dogs/cats
Conditions for belonging to the Hill's Breeder Association:
As a HBA member you endeavour to:
  • Feed Hill's products to my pets, specifically
    • Boarding pets/working dogs/assistance, guide & medic alert dogs /feral communities/rescue, foster & shelter pets
    • Pregnant & lactating queens & bitches
    • Puppies & kittens
    • Competing dogs & cats
  • Recommend Hill's to pet parents and others as appropriate
  • Provide new pet parents with Hill's Welcome packs or Shelter kits as appropriate
  • Commit to not reselling any Hill's products either purchased through the HBA, LEA or won at shows